Macaulay Maps - Climate Maps 1:625 000

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MacaulayMaps is a new service supplying maps and related publications that are available from The James Hutton Institute. We offer a series of soils maps and climate, forestry and agricultural suitability maps, at various scales.

Maps can be ordered online by clicking "add to cart" next to the chosen product. Maps are paid for using your credit/debit card or PayPal account.

Please note that digital version of the paper maps are not available for download or purchase, however the digital data which forms the map content (e.g. Land Capability or Soils data) is available to from the Scotland's Soils website under an Open Data licence.

General enquiries are available via e-mail

More information and ordering details are available from: David Donnelly Tel: 01224 395265.

Climate Maps 1:625 000

Each map shows the whole of Scotland.

Price (GBP): 28.80 (includes postage)

 Assessment of Climatic Conditions in Scotland: 1. Based on Accumulated Temperature and Potential Water Deficit (with facsimile copy of explanatory booklet, folded maps only)
 Assessment of Climatic Conditions in Scotland: 2. Based on Exposure and Accumulated Frost (with explanatory booklet and folded or flat map)
 Assessment of Climatic Factors in Land Capability for Agriculture in Scotland (facsimile copies of flat maps only)


Climate Maps 1:625 000 sample image