Example soils report

Below are examples of typical soil reports. The actual report received will depend on the analysis requested.

Gardeners Report

Garden Report




‹ Client Information - sample details, date etc

‹ Soil pH - assess the soil acidity or alkalinity

‹ Example planting regimes at specific soil pH


‹ Advisory lime applications - if lime addition required



‹ Soil nitrate concentration - soil fertility

‹ Soil nutrient concentration, i.e. phosphorus, magnesium & pottassium

‹ Soil organic matter concentration

‹ Comments and advice as appropriate

 Agricultural report

Agricultural Report

‹ Client Information

‹ Soil pH

‹ Target pH

‹ Future Crop

‹ Lime reuirement, if required
‹ Lime notes

‹ Soil nitrate concentration

‹ Soil nutrient concentration

‹ Cropping history

‹ Fertiliser requirements

‹ Fertiliser notes

‹ Comments