Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept samples from gardeners?

Yes, we welcome samples from gardeners, groundsmen etc. We supply a seperate report for those clients who wish the analysis to reflect the needs of gardens. Please see the Example report page.

How do I pay for my analysis?

You can pre-pay online using your credit/debit card or PayPal account.

How do I receive my report?

All reports are emailed although a hard copy can be sent on request.

Do you accept international samples?

Yes, we can generally accept samples from those countries that are part of the European Union, for example, Republic of Ireland. If you have any doubts or queries concerning the applicability of your samples please feel free to contact us first before sending samples for analysis. We will be pleased to advise on specific requests.

Are the data accredited?

Yes, the data are accredited to ISO17025:2005 an internationally recognised standard.