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HuttonSoils is now accepting orders for soil analytical services. Due to restrictions caused by COVID-19 test kits are only being dispatched once per week on Thursdays. Thus there might be a delay in receiving your kits. HuttonSoils is regularly reviewing the service.

HuttonSoils wishes to thank its customers for their continued patience as we all adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Order a Soil Sampling Kit

... pH, Nutrient status (Mg, K and P) and Organic matter 62.16 Agricultural Report ...

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Soils: the science

... fertility is best maintained by good soil structure and organic matter inputs, for example, manure. Soil organic matter The organic matter present within a soil has an influence on ...

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Soil Analysis Service

... 50.82 pH, Nutrient status (Mg, K & P) & Organic matter £ 62.16 All costs include VAT ...

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Types of Analysis

... help determine a fertiliser regime for your soil. Organic matter is a determination of the concentration of organic material present within the soil. Organic matter is an important component of soil, assisting in water retention ...

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Example soils report

...   ‹ Soil organic matter concentration ‹ Comments and advice as ...

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